Samples of plant-dyed (vegetal) wool. Any part (leaves, roots, berries, bark, etc.)of a plant can be used to dye wool. Mordants and other alloys can be used to change the colors or shades. The time of the year that various plants are picked/used also makes a difference in the colors. These vegetal dyed wool are dyed by a Navajo woman in Sanders, Arizona. ($22.00/Skein)  
    Aniline dyed & natural Wool: Aniline dyed wool (for colors see color chart below) and of course there is black, white, dark gray (slate), and light gray wool available. (18.00/skein)
    Variegated Wool: I can send
of what's available or send an email as to the colors. These are special dyes and it's done through experimentation that I never know what I'll get. Availabe in size 1 or 2.
($24.00 per skein)

$23.00 per cone

Wool Size
Wool Color Sample Chart

Sizes: Heavy 0, Medium #1
Size 0 or 1
(two left only)
  L - R: Spring Green, Summer Green, Blue Bell, Indigo, Black, Desert Rose, Turkey Red, Transition Red, Ganado Red, Wild Carrot, Mustard, Butter Cup, Fawn (Top & bottom images of wool are same colors - Aniline Dyed Wool) Available in Size 1