Turquoise & Other Precious StoneNecklaces & Hangbags/Pocketbooks, and T-Shirts with Navajo Rug Designs
I make necklaces using many different semi-precious stones with sterling silver beads and findings. If you have
a particular necklace in mind send an email. This site is still being updated with more necklaces and bracelets.

Coral Necklace
Green Turquoise
4 strand beads with
pendant (Green stone
& beads)
Available with silver beads
or 14k gold beads ($98 & $198 respectively)
Graduated Turquoise
Green Turquoise w/ Silver Beads
Pink Coral
4 strands of beads w/ coral pendant
Custom Made Pocketbooks
by Jane Hayes
Notecards with Diversity Rug
Folded 4 5/6" x 6 1/4"
Natural Color (Blank inside)
6 cards for $5.00
T-Shirts with Navajo Rugs

Design: Third Phase Chief Blanket (Colors in Chief Blanket: Indigo, Red, White & Grey)
Available in White (100 % Cotton), Size L, XL, XXL
$16.00 (L & XL), & $18.00 - XXL

To order send an email: mrischultz@msn.com
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